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In order to be able to successfully implement the Energy Strategy 2050, a new energy system based on several implementation stages is required.

Cooperation & coupling of relevant sectors

On the one hand, the decarbonization of the overall energy system requires the interaction of all the actors and stakeholder groups from the previously mentioned strata. On the other hand, and this depends on the subject, the marriage of the relevant sectors such as electricity, heat and mobility. However, the ultimate goal of operating energy self-sufficient trades and systems must not come at the expense of security of supply (replacement of nuclear power, winter gap). It must be achieved in parallel and in the further implementation, application and acceptance of, for example, “semi-clean” gas-fired combined-cycle power plants as reserve power plants.

The magic word self-sufficiency - not magic

The pursuit of self-sufficiency has its pitfalls, not only technological but also in relation to the different interests of individual stakeholder groups (energy service providers versus prosumers). These relate to the generation of clean energy, the consumption algorithms and the pricing of energy purchases or feed-in tariffs. The fact is that both stakeholders have a common interest in the course of an increased expansion of photovoltaic systems. On the one hand, the security of supply must be guaranteed by operating different smart networks, while on the other hand, the grid stability of the power grid must be ensured by regulating excess solar power to be fed into it.

Approaches to solutions - with a view to the whole.

In order to achieve the maximum degree of self-sufficiency, the following technological solutions and regulatory requirements are required:

There are certainly many other technological approaches and regulatory requirements.

Let us talk about that.
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