Roberto Cresta
for smart climate tech solutions


My way of working is characterized by a participatory togetherness. I demand and encourage performance, recognize untapped potential and offer space for new ideas. I attach great importance to authenticity in appearance and commitment in action.

In the team, I also like to take a step back from time to time, then act more as a quiet listener and coach. This enables the employees to express themselves freely, to bring up new topics and to formulate and develop their own ideas and solutions.

Often there are deadlocked situations (trade-offs) that have developed over a long period of time. If the deficit lies with the contractor, we work together to revise the time sequence and deadline. If the situation is not clear, I will point out a solution that is sensible and workable for both sides – and enforce it.

In the project, I lead closely to the project objectives and with a focus on the completion date. For longer and larger projects, I set milestones and keep project control with a firm hand.

selected projects

Here I would like to let action and success speak for themselves and have put together a selection of projects for you. I invite you to get an idea of my work and impact based on these references.


Cresta zitat
»My goal is to actively support innovative companies in shaping an emission-free future of energy and mobility.«
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„from green insight to renewable impact“

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„from green insight to renewable impact“

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