Managing Director at a subsidiary (spin-off/ start-up) of a global industrial company in the HVAC technology sector

Overall responsibility for the newly founded Swiss company/repositioning an industrial brand

Swiss group subsidiary of a global industrial group in the building technology market.

HVAC and Cleantech

About the company:

Startup of a global, listed industrial group within the building technology and automation market.

Roles, Tasks & Key Topics:

Managing Director
Full P&L responsibility of the swiss group startup.

Reporting line:
CEO / President of the Board of Directors


  • Development and implementation of a business plan with product-, go-to market and brand communication strategy for relaunching industrial brand within construction market.
  • Introduction of a new business model with systematic market and customer approach in view of accelerating market penetration and gaining new key customer bases (OEM’s, distributors, installers).
  • Establish brand as a premium supplier in the building technology market

Key Factors of Success:

  • Strategy Development
  • Value Selling
  • Marketing
  • Portfolio Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Transformation

Key Topics:

  • Developed various new product lines, performed implementation of go-to market strategy
    Focused on innovation, the creation of a new product portfolio, organizational process improvement and people management. Actively challenged relaunch of industrial brand through unique marketing communication measures. Consequent development of customer base with perceived orientation in training sales staffs to co-created value selling. Evolved large accounts with strong outperformance of sales budgets in starting years. Reached turnaround in 4th business year.
  • Developed best in class reputation for customer management and logistic services
    Consistent and sustainable day to day exercise of complied customer retention policies. After 5 years, brand reached best in class supplier ratings at distributors concerning relationship management, customer response, logistic-, and after sales services.
  • Accountable for achieving operational efficiency, resulting in increased cost savings through digitization and ICT-projects
    Mandated und rolled-out a Cross Media Database for elaborating and releasing technical documentation and feeding a web-based product configurator. Cross Media solution saved cost of 30% in releasing print documents.
  • Established effective pre-sales organization for wholesalers
    Evolved marketing and pricing policy with stringent and sustainable pre-sales actions at important market influencers. Substantial increase of product placement and penetration within tenders in the house construction market.
  • Successful merger of three group companies to a new legal entity (change project)
    Consistent project lead and transparent communication efforts enabled ful crossover of employees in new legal entity. No customer losses on market side. Retention of entire customer structure.
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